About Us

We Create Your Web-Magic; With You.

Being successful online means more than just having a website. It means getting traffic to your website and converting that traffic into business. 4 Loop Digital Consulting takes your business online and ensures its success by providing the strategic analysis, guidance and support you need to grow online. 

4 Loop Digital Consulting

What is 4 Loop Digital Consulting?

4 Loop Digital Consulting is a European-owned, 360° online marketing and webdesign consultancy that is based in Cape Town.

Our mission: Giving businesses everything they need to succeed online.

360° Consulting: 4 Loop Digital Consulting is the one-stop-shop for ALL your online marketing needs.

Analysis: Conversion, click-through rate, reach, influencers, bounce rate… are just a few of the numerous important metrics that let you measure and understand your company’s performance online.  Knowing what you are doing and understanding how to improve, is key to your business’ growth. That is where we come in.

Strategy: The potential for you company’s growth online is limitless. 4 Loop provides individual digital strategy solutions that are crafted specifically for your needs. Our goal is to, not only help you discover the many ways in which you can promote yourself online but also, help you use them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Website Design: Getting people to visit your website is only half the success. The key is to convert these visitors into business. If you note that the quantity and quality of your website visitors is steadily increasing but your online revenue or conversion of visitors is not, there is probably something wrong with your website. 4 Loop provides a webdesign service that produces high quality, functional, well designed websites that are easy and pleasant for visitors to use.

Our Recipe for Success

Individual Needs Analyses - 25%

Dedication, Flexibility, Commitment and Service to every Client - 25%

Years of Experience and continuous Training in Corporate Online Marketing and Web Design - 25%

Top Tier tools, Technology and Skill Sets - 25%

= Online Marketing Success! - 100%