Corporate Identity

Who are we? What are we communicating?

What is your Corporate Identity?

Corporate Identity: “Combination of color schemes, designs, words, etc., that a firm employs to make a visual statement about itself and to communicate its business philosophy.” –

If your company is just at the beginning, or you feel like it needs a change of scenery, our Corporate Identity service is for you.

4 Loop helps you determine how you would like to position yourself in the market and what you would like to communicate to all your stakeholders and then designs your entire Corporate Identity (CI) for you.

Consistency is key in building a relationship with your customers. Once you have a logo that represents your company exactly how you imagined it, the rest of your communication should be in line with this. Colours, fonts, images, icons, style are all part of your Corporate Identity or CI and need to be kept in mind when producing ALL your communication material. Your business cards, your letter heads, your website, your emails, your promotional material etc. should all have a linear, recognizable and consistent look and feel to them, creating your company’s Corporate Identity.

At 4 Loop we work very closely together with our clients to produce a harmonious and well presented CI. In many cases, the questions we ask to determine your Corporate Identity often help you find what is missing and give you direction for any future marketing strategy.

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