Social Media and Email Marketing

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Keep your community informed using Social Media and Email Marketing

Social Media:

Facebook is the number 1 website online, with the most visitors per day. Twitter, Instagram and many others follow closely behind. Managing your social media presences is crucial, when you consider how much time your customers actually spend on social media. In order to keep your audience engaged, you must post interesting and relevant content regularly, reply to all the social communication that affects you, engage with influential community members and keep your your community on their toes with contests, campaigns, give aways, etc. Make your community want to support and share you to their community!

This can take a lot of time and effort and most of the time, you do not have the resources in your company to manage your social communities adequately. 4 Loop – Digital Consulting can do that for you. Our expert community management experience and the professional tools we use to facilitate the maintenance of social profiles allows us to turn your social media profiles into positive, successful, nurturing communities, whose member grow by the day. Our different social media solutions allow us to either:

  • track your profiles and everything that happens on them, sending you regular reports on the activity and success of your social media profiles and campaigns
  • consult on how to improve your social media success
  • manage your social media profiles together with you, setting up communication strategies, campaigns, posts, tweets, competitions etc. helping you grow your communities and your success
  • set up paid social media advertisement and related tracking
  • or all of the above

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Email Marketing:

Email marketing is an efficient form of online-push-marketing. Well planned, high quality, regular newsletters can be a great asset to your communication strategy. In order for newsletters to be successful, they must be designed well, spam filter resistant, follow a communication plan, relevant to the reader and have a large database of targeted recipients. 4 Loop can assist in all of these steps.

We design high quality, HTML newsletters that are email-client-friendly and communicate your message effectively. Additionally, we can help you come up with an email communication strategy which will increase your opening and click rates and provide reports on the success of each newsletter.

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