Web Hosting

Cutting out the Middleman.

Website quality and speed depends highly web hosting. Our reliable Linux servers have no downtime and ensure that your website, email accounts, subdomains, landing pages, etc. are continuously accessible online.

Hosting with us saves you the time and hassle of having to register domains yourself, finding a hosting provider and dealing with them everytime something needs to be done to your domain.

Our web hosting is priced according to your needs. This allows us to put together packages that are specifically tailored to you and your business. Should you need any changes in hosting, these can be executed in a very short time frame.

This service is especially useful if you use our web design service because it allows you and us to adjust and change the web hosting of your domain on the spot. No more long phone calls to hosting providers, no more support ticket numbers. You deal directly with us.

Contact us to enquire about our web hosting options.