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Fully adaptable websites with autonomous editing.

Is your Website repelling your visitors?

Getting people to visit your website is only half the success. The key is to convert these visitors into business. If you note that the quantity and quality of your website visitors is steadily increasing but your online revenue or conversion of visitors is not, there is probably something wrong with your website.

Sometimes design and functionality tweaks can resolve the issue, sometimes an entirely new website is necessary to convert the large amount of visitors into paying customers. Either way, 4 Loop provides a webdesign service that produces high quality, functional, well designed websites that are easy and pleasant for visitors to use. All our websites are responsive (meaning the design and functionality adapt to the screen size of the device they are accessed from) search engine optimized, and have an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to keep all the content alive and up to date.

4 Loop also offers the design of “microsites” or “landing pages”. These are simple, one page mini websites that are usually linked to an advertising or marketing campaign and contain nothing more than the essential information and a “call to action” that encourages users to participate in a campaign for some reason or other. These microsites come with the same high standards and features as our websites, excluding the CMS, in order to keep costs down. As they are usually short-term and require no content updating, a CMS would be superfluous.

Additionally you have the option of hosting your websites, landing pages, all sub-domains and all corresponding email accounts with us, making us a one-stop-shop for all your online needs.

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